Electrical Shock & Current EmissionsEverywhere in the modern world, the throb of alternating current generates electromagnetic radiation (EMR) — from the television, the blender, the light bulbs, the wires in the wall. Because the oscillations are very slow (just 60 hertz, or cycles per second), this type of radiation is called “extremely low-frequency.” It was long thought harmless because it is too weak to knock out electrons and directly damage molecules in the body.

But on July 11, 1989, Science Times reported the uncomfortable possibility that this ubiquitous background radiation might cause cancer. The 1989 article quoted Dr. David O. Carpenter, then the dean of the School of Public Health at the State University of New York at Albany: “The whole thing is very worrisome. We see the tips of the iceberg, but we have no idea how big the iceberg is. It ought to concern us all.”

25 YEARS LATER Dr. Carpenter is still at the same university, as the director of the Institute for Health and the Environment. He still finds 60-hertz radiation worrisome. “Almost nothing has changed in 25 years in terms of the controversy, although the evidence for biological effects of electromagnetic fields continues to grow stronger,” he recently wrote via email.

Read the entire article here.

Don’t wait for scientists to decide EM Radiation is harmful, protect yourself at the office or wherever EMR is prevalent.

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