array of deep space telescopesWe are surrounded by both natural and man-made electromagnetic radiation (EMR), which can rob you of your vitality and focus by disrupting your Circadian Rhythms or internal clock. Man-made EMR, sometimes referred to as ‘electrosmog’, is a major contemporary threat to the health of Society. This non-ionizing EMR of technological origin is particularly insidious, in that it escapes detection by the senses – a circumstance which tends to promote a rather cavalier attitude regarding personal protection. Yet the nature of the pollution is such that there is literally ‘nowhere to hide’. Furthermore, given the relatively short time for which humanity has been exposed to it, we have no evolutionary immunity either against any adverse effects it might directly have on our bodies or against possible interference with natural electromagnetic processes, upon which homeostasis appears to depend, for example, the Schumann resonance – a weak electromagnetic field that oscillates resonantly in the cavity between the earth’s surface and the ionosphere at frequencies close to those of human brain rhythms, isolation from which has been found to damage human health.

iStock_000006050690XSmallWhat distinguishes technologically produced electromagnetic fields from most natural ones is their much higher degree of coherence. This means that their frequencies are particularly well defined, and therefore more easily discerned by living organisms, including humans. This greatly increases their biological potency, and ‘opens the door’ to the possibility of frequency-specific, nonthermal influences of various kinds, against which existing Safety Guidelines – such as those issued by the International Commission for Non-ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) – afford no protection.

The Safety Guidelines are based solely on consideration of the ability of radio frequency (RF) and microwave radiation to heat tissue, and of extremely low frequency (ELF) magnetic fields to induce circulating electric currents in the interior of the body, both of which are known to be damaging to health, if excessive. Since the severity of these effects increases with the strength (intensity) of the fields in question, it is this that the Guidelines restrict, the frequency of the fields being taken into account only in so far as it affects (through ‘size’ resonance effects) the ability of the organism to absorb energy from the irradiating field and heat up accordingly.

iStock_000003443097XSmallThe Guidelines thus do not protect against adverse health effects provoked primarily and specifically through influences that the frequency of the fields might have on the human body. A necessary condition for such an influence is the existence in the organism of the biological counterpart of an electrically tuned circuit – i.e. an endogenous oscillatory electrical activity.

In this case the organism will respond – in a way akin to a radio – if the frequency of the external field (either of the carrier wave, or of lower frequency amplitude modulations/pulsings) matches or is close to that of its tuned circuit. This could result in either an undesirably high resonant amplification of, or damaging interference with, the associated endogenous biological activity.

Alien Plasma PowerThese influences can be considered to arise from a transfer of information (in a generalized sense) from the field to a living organism, in that the organism is able, through this kind of ‘oscillatory similitude’, to recognize – and in turn respond to – a feature of the external field other than its intensity.

Thus a method of interrupting the coherence of man-made EMR with low power EM Pulses could effectively shield a person of the oscillatory similitude effect. Such interrupting pulses should be time-varying and generated from a naturally healthy source. As the human mind is affected by EM pulses, the time-varying periods should emulate brainwave activity and follow the body’s natural Circadian Rhythms. Rhythmedics was invented specifically for this purpose as can be seen on the Interrupting EMR page.